Pack Wolter Koops

V 1.3.1 Scandifresh MAN TGX Velthoven Pack etc. mod for Eurotruck Simulator 2

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Have here are a pack compiled 1.3.1 Compatible

Prerequisite! TruckSim Map 1.5 and the freight companies and Mod v5

The freight company and Mod v5 is already included in the package.

The TruckSim Map 1.5 can be down loaded here also 1.3.1 Compatible


Included are the companies and freight Mod v5 by DeltaFox modified by

The Jumbofan Trailer Pack by Patfinder

KVN by the crane Road Hunter modified by Street

The beer Trailer by Riggo

And a Trailer Skin Pack v 1.4

Velthoven Pack by Speedy66666

Wolter Koops Pack by Speedy66666 (At Scania small flaws have been fixed)

Scandifresh Pack by Speedy66666

Who both packs (TruckSim Map Mod v1.5 and freight companies) has been installed need to only the Firmenmod

. replace There are only built my trailer, everything else the same.

Trucks and trailers pack insert.

For those who do not know yet, in the TruckSim map are 20 cities come to (Africa, in Östereich.Ungarn, Italy)

For Heavy Friends of KVN crane is part of it, the tanks Jumbotrailer and the nice beer and food.

I unfortunately could not take pictures of them all had, not all trailers in the test phase

Installation instructions are included in the RAR. PLEASE READ WELL! When problems PLEASE by private

Message. For Game Crash I am not responsible!

  The mod is to find ETS 2 other websites are offered for download and with foreign link. If then only with original link at I look at Google, if my mod is offered among other link to download .... Warning!

This mod may not be in forums and other websites ETS 2 available for download ... Thank you

Hope you enjoy the pack .... lg Julia Speedy66666


Das Jumbofan Trailer Pack by Patfinder

Der KVN Kran by Roadhunter modifiziert by Street

Die Bier Trailer by RiGGo

Und ein Trailer Skin Pack v 1.4

Velthoven Pack by Speedy66666

Wolter Koops Pack by Speedy66666

Scandifresh Pack by Speedy66666

Trailer Reefer by Rommi TZ

Lichtkasten v2 by TC


  • 10 Feb 01:50
    Version 1.3.1 Scandifresh MAN TGX Velthoven Pack etc.



10.02 2013
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V 1.3.1 Scandifresh MAN TGX Velthoven P...
Eurotruck Simulator 2
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