Caterpillar D7H

V 1.3.1a mod for Eurotruck Simulator 2

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Compatible with version 1.3.X!

This mod was created by me Daltontune.

He adds a Caterpillar D7H added as a charge on the original heavy duty trailer. Thus, the excess width at no accident leads the trailer has now illuminated warning signs on each side.

Please save your game before the insert of this mod. If you want to have to remove it later invite her before this game as to remove this trailer without a program crashes.

When used in conjunction with other trailers, please always selects the appropriate freight data! More information can be found in my cargo freight data package

This is a beta version please report errors when you via PM with me.

Please do not forget to thank!


This mod is open source, but please notify me before you upload them to other servers. Only through open source mods can be a good game as Euro Truck Simulator 2 make the perfect ingredient. Since its my opinion, then please also works open source.



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  • 08 Feb 21:32
    Version 1.3.1a



08.02 2013
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V 1.3.1a
Eurotruck Simulator 2
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