Ikarus 250-59 (v10.07.19) 1.35.x

V update vom 10.07.19 mod for Eurotruck Simulator 2

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Mod of the legendary Hungarian bus Ikarus 250-59

The bus mod itself has been changed

New physics, revised sound, engine and gearbox replaced, new additions to the interior, some textures and mats are customized


– Autonomous

– 1 chassis 4 ? 2

– 1 engine MAN L6 D0826 LUH 13

– 1 original Suite interior

– Original skins and painting

– Supports DLC Cabin Accessories and DLC Flag

– New realistic physics

– Improved sound

– A lot of interior improvements. Added: GPS Garmin and LCD TV (by Jeyrey-16, knoxx_xss and SISL)


Version 10.07.19 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.35.x):


– Mod adapted for game version 1.35.x

– Replaced old files and added new ones for 1.35.x


Attention!!! The mod has its own physics, so all physics mods must be turned off to avoid conflicts!

Pure log! The mod has been tested on the game version – 1.35.x

Mod author: KanSky

Author of adaptation and changes: Nikola (Konstantin-Donbass)

The author of the adaptation for the game version 1.35.x: sdonbass18



KanSky, Nikola (Konstantin-Donbass), sdonbass18


Modell: KanSky, Nikola (Konstantin-Donbass), sdonbass18
Textur: KanSky, Nikola (Konstantin-Donbass), sdonbass18
Script: KanSky, Nikola (Konstantin-Donbass), sdonbass18
Idee / Konzept: KanSky, Nikola (Konstantin-Donbass), sdonbass18
Tester: KanSky, Nikola (Konstantin-Donbass), sdonbass18
Sonstige: KanSky, Nikola (Konstantin-Donbass), sdonbass18


  • 11 Jul 00:01
    Version update vom 10.07.19




11.07 2019
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V update vom 10.07.19
Eurotruck Simulator 2
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