Map of Hungary [1.35.x]

V 0.9.28a update für 1.35 mod for Eurotruck Simulator 2

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New Update for Hungary Map 0928a by Indian56 for Ets2 1.35.x game version 


The package contains the complete Hungary Map, adapted to version 1.35 of ETS 2!


Install help:

Unzipping the .7z file will result in 3 .scs files, which will be copied to the "mod" 

folder and then activated in the "Mod manager" of profile.


After reducing the 4 files used so far to 3 files (hungary_base.scs, hungary_model.scs 

and hungary_def.scs), only these are needed, all can be deleted!




Unfortunately, I have not managed to fix all the "freaks" caused by the new developments 

on the map, so you can get in touch with a police officer or worker working on the road, 

but they do not have a collision surface, you can safely go over them! 



Under DX11 is currently not working !!!


Modell: Frank007, indian56
Textur: Frank007, indian56
Script: Frank007, indian56
Idee / Konzept: Frank007, indian56
Tester: Frank007, indian56
Sonstige: Frank007, indian56


  • 12 Jun 00:02
    Version 0.9.28a update für 1.35



12.06 2019
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V 0.9.28a update für 1.35
Eurotruck Simulator 2
1.89 GB 195
12. June 195

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