V überarbeitete 1.0 für 1.36 mod for Eurotruck Simulator 2

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- 9 engines (5 Cummins X15 variants and 4 PACCAR MX-13 variants) with real characteristics and amazing sounds from Kriechbaum. One of the PACCAR multitorque engines (455MT) with higher torque in overdrive gears (gear ratio <1.0), for example 8L and 8H in 13 and 18 speed gears,
- 13 gearboxes — 5 manual, 5 automated and 3 automatic — all based on real specifications,
- the shift inside the cab will change depending on the selected gearbox and will show the correct gear layout for the selected manual gearbox (10, 13, 15 and 18 speeds),
- 2 cab options - a day cab and a 76-inch average sleeping car, (3 cabs ...)
- 5 chassis options — all 6x4 with various wheelbases and tank sizes,
- 5 interior options,
- 5 custom skins and several predefined paint colors,
- the mod includes a small light package on order, so that you can fill all the light slots without having to install separate light packages,
- custom made radio KB (Cobra 29 LKS) with a wobbled cord;)
- the truck is available in quick work (also in heavy and oversized work),
- animation of cables, etc.
Test on version 1.36
Authors: Frank Peru, Harven,Yekko Yek, Kriechbaum


Modell: Frank Peru, Harven,Yekko Yek, Kriechbaum
Textur: Frank Peru, Harven,Yekko Yek, Kriechbaum
Script: Frank Peru, Harven,Yekko Yek, Kriechbaum
Idee / Konzept: Frank Peru, Harven,Yekko Yek, Kriechbaum
Tester: Frank Peru, Harven,Yekko Yek, Kriechbaum
Sonstige: Frank Peru, Harven,Yekko Yek, Kriechbaum


  • 07 Nov 20:04
    Version überarbeitete 1.0 für 1.36



07.11 2019
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V überarbeitete 1.0 für 1.36
Eurotruck Simulator 2
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07. November 100

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