Tandem Trailer Mod mod for Eurotruck Simulator 2
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Tandem Trailer Mod v 1.0

This ETS 2 modification will add a complete stand-alone tandem trailer version to your game. A really fun mod did will not replace anything in your game and It Should work on all latest versions of the game.

by Ignition8 added on

Malcom37 and Ignition8.

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3 Comments for Tandem Trailer Mod

  1. Sniperelite8352

    währe toll wenn man sich den mod auch laden könnte so was suche ich schon lange 0/5

  2. fauna2 13. 12 2013

    Have tried this. Works well with + Going East + ProMod for me

  3. Elmanx
    Elmanx 12. 12 2013

    Doesn't work on v.